Almost every girl has her dream of meeting her prince charming, of having their knight in shining armor sweep them off their feet and bring them away to their very own castle.  For short, every girl dreams of having a fairy tale-like love story.
Waiting in Vain
In the fairy tales, the princesses are always the ones who are left waiting for their prince charming to arrive.  Look at Sleeping Beauty; she had to wait for a hundred years just to be able to get the kiss from her prince charming, her one true love.  If we apply the Sleeping Beauty's story in real life, it would be ridiculous and no good.  
If a girl would wait for a hundred years before she gets the kiss from her one true love, she will end up waiting inside her coffin, six feet under the ground!  Practically speaking, women must not wait pathetically for the man of their dreams to fall in love with them.  Women should also take a little initiative so that they won't end up waiting in vain.
Get Your Dream Guyî
1. Enhance yourself.  Don't take the statement wrong, it is not referring to enhancements as drastic as plastic surgery.  It just means that you have to know your assets and enhance them.  You want to play the role of a princess, not a hag.
2. Be interesting.  Nobody was born boring.  If you get a lot of comments from your friends and family that you are a bit boring and square do try to make yourself interesting.  Remember, even though guys are more on visual appreciation, they could also get turned off if they find out that a girl is dull and boring and does not have much conversation.
3. Dress up. Yes, even though it may be quite hassling and time-consuming to dress up, you should take the effort to do so because guys appreciate girls who look good.  As they say, it never hurts to look good. It will also make you feel confident and beautiful!
4. Watch your health. Do not eat junk foods, because they only damage your health as well as your skin, hair and nails.  Try to eat healthy foods because in the long run, you will radiate a healthy glow which would make guys turn their heads and say ooh la la.
5. Be feminine. It doesn't mean that you really have to act all girly and helpless all the time.  You can show your feminine side in a lot of subtle ways, just make sure that your dream guy is watching so that your feminine efforts will not go to waste.
6. Donít be a playgirl.  Just like girls hate men who are known to be suave Casanovas, men also dislike girls who have a reputation of being a playgirl or another word tease.  Try to keep your relationships with other men decent and discrete so as not to get your dream guy turned off.
7. Learn to loosen up.  If you are so uptight about schedules, morality, and other stiff whatnots, do try to loosen up a bit.  Show the world that you also know how to laugh out loud, unwind and get down and dirty once in a while.
8. Don't try too hard.  Men prefer women who take it easy and are confident and comfortable with who they are, and are not constantly trying to change themselves. Show everyone that you are comfortable in your own skin, just the way you are.
9. Make eye contact.  Usually, women forget the meaning of the word eye contact whenever the man of their dreams is in front of them.  Avoid doing this because your dream guy might take your lack of eye contact with him wrongly; he might think that you are uninterested in him.
10. Love yourself.  You should love yourself first before you can expect your dream guy to fall in love with you.


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