It is so sad when you come to a point in your relationship that you feel that the flame and spark of love that used to be so strong and fiery has died down?  Sad as this may seem know it is just normal for couples to undergo this stage.  According to psychologists, there is really a time in a couple's relationship that either one or both of the couple come to a point when they ask themselves questions such as What now? or What happens next or How can I save my marriage before I end up having an affair?
A Point of Reflection
The most common cause of having a couple's relationship reach this kind of stage is too much familiarity with each other.  Counsellors say that reaching this point in a relationship may just be the right time for the couple to take a step back and think, really think, about where their relationship is going.
Rekindling the Flame and Making It Stronger
1. Give each other room to breathe.  As mentioned above, too much familiarity is perhaps the most common cause why the flame of love in relationships dies down.  If that is the case, couples should try to lessen the familiarity between them.  As one popular song says even lovers need a holiday, far away from each other. 
2. Don't take each other for granted. Due to too much familiarity with each other, couples tend to take each other for granted, setting aside the compliments, appreciation and other heart-warming words that they used to say to each other.  Try to infuse compliments and sweet nothings again in your daily lives to rekindle that flame in your relationship.
3. Say I love you. Don't let a day pass without looking your partner straight in the eye and saying those three meaningful words to them.
4. Hug your partner. There ís nothing more relaxing and comforting than receiving or giving a warm bear-hug after a long day's work.
5. Surprise them with gifts.  The gift doesn't have to be expensive; it can just be a bar of chocolate, a ticket to their favourite concert, their favourite snacks, etc. Whatever your gift may be, remember that it's the thought of you being able to remember your partner that counts.
6. Have a vacation. If you can afford to have a vacation to another country, go ahead.  But if you are cash-strapped, you can still go on a vacation with your partner!  Take the day off and spend the whole day with your partner. A walk along the beach or in the countryside holding hands will give you the feeling of connection.  It will be a nice escape from all the work and stress that you encounter daily.
7. Kiss your partner and mean it. Sometimes, with all the busy schedules and deadlines to meet, the intimate moments become routine moments.  Try to add a little spice to your relationship by stepping away from routines.
8. Talk to each other. Talking about work and other technical stuff doesn't count.  Talk to each other heartily. Talk to your partner as you did when you were just in the courting stage, the times when you were talking about your dreams, your aspirations, your feelings, etc.
9. Be spontaneous. Do try to infuse some spice and excitement in your relationship by surprising your partner every now and then. A surprise gift, a surprise date, a surprise hug and kiss would surely make your partner smile.
10. So often when you have been in a marriage for a while couples attitude to dressing up and looking good usually go down because they think that since they are already in a relationship, there ís no need for them to dress up or to make an extra effort to look good.  Maintain your smartness and looking good so that you'll have your partner fall in love with you again and again.
So, instead of asking yourself "How can I save my marriage"? put these 10 ways into place and watch your flame relight in your marriage.

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