Will Wealth Make Your Relationship Stronger?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Will wealth make a relationship richer? Well, if you have, then it's probably normal since a lot of relationships do end because of financial problems. In addition, this notion will also be more likely affirmed if you have personally gone through a difficult situation wherein money had recurrently become a big issue. But do worldly goods really improve a romantic relationship? That is, certainly, for you to find out.

Answer 1: A Resounding YES!
The answer to this question could be a "yes". Picture this scenario out: Your partner and you are having a rough time because of money. As much as you want to spend more time with each other, there is certainly no chance of making it a possibility. You hold two different jobs everyday, and so do they. You relentlessly try to make ends meet and your efforts are still not enough to make time for each other. You end up fighting more frequently than before and you have almost reached the point of walking out of the relationship.
When you intensely think about it, you will probably realize that money is the source of the dilemma. If only you weren't having a great deal of financial problems, then your romantic relationship would have lived up to its name. You and your loved one would perhaps be able to avoid unnecessary squabbles. Plus, you would have extra time for each other. More time would then translate to better chances of getting to know each other and making the intimate relationship richer. When viewed in this light, then wealth does have the power to make a love relationship richer.
Answer 2: A Definite NO!
On the other hand, the answer could also be a resounding "no". Most of the time, this is applicable for people who do not put money in the center of their intimate relationship. Well-adjusted and mature individuals do make it a point to separate financial matters from relationship issues. Perhaps, that is why fights and disagreements about money tend to be rare.
Aside from a mature outlook on relationships, some people also possess a firm standpoint about money. They have a propensity to think that, although it is necessary to have enough of it, your finances should never take precedence on your list. There are far more important things in life than wealth. Therefore, the people that matters the most should be given the highest priority.
A lot of couples, in fact, just earn enough to scratch out a living but they are still capable of maintaining a relationship that is rich in love and understanding. Needless to say, wealth should not be viewed as the only way to make your relationship richer.
Choosing The Most Appropriate Answer
In spite of the differences in opinion, your answer to the question of whether or not wealth can make your relationship richer still depends on the status of your current relationship. It would not be right to easily judge other couples about their choices and preferences since no two relationships are the same. Having said that, you should also feel free to pick out whichever side suits you and your partner the best without having to worry about what other people might think.
Keep in mind that other people's opinions or whatever comments they might have about your relationship can only do so much. What should matter most is how you really feel about your partner. Work on your differences an problems, instead. If your list involves financial crisis, then you better get to the bottom of it before it can cause irreversible damages to you and your other half.
In addition, the act of facing challenges and dealing with problems hand in hand is what matters the most. How you and your other half see things and the manner in which you cope with difficulties should essentially determine what would really improve your love relationship. And if gaining wealth and other worldly goods can make your relationship richer, then so be it. No one should have the power or authority to tell you what is right or wrong. Only you and your partner can decide on what is good or bad for your relationship.



Make A Man Happy And Watch Him Treat You Like A Princess!
When a couple have been together for quite some time, they often tend to lose sight of a supposedly mutual goal to make each other happy. This is a sad yet common reality these days. Then again, you have the power to change all this and using these tips for women for a good marriage just wait and see how your man responds. With the right pieces of advice and the desire to keep the man in your life happy, you will definitely be able to make a difference in your romantic relationship with your husband.
There are actually a lot of things you can do to look after you man's happiness. These things do not necessarily involve money and are in fact easy to accomplish, for as long as you put your mind to it. Here are some examples of relationship advice that may be of help to you and your love relationship.
# 1: Be yourself.
You have to accept the fact that your man liked and eventually loved  you just the way you are. Therefore, it would be unnecessary to try to change a lot of things about yourself, except maybe over the years you may have become more complacent and not putting in so much effort as you could, this is not uncommon in a marriage after a period of being together. Aside from that, there is really no reason to make an effort to change everything about yourself.
Bear in mind that trying to change yourself drastically may have a number of negative effects not only on your man, but on the romantic relationship as well,he married you for who you are and not someone you are trying to be. So go on being your genuine self while taking on board these tips for women for a good marriage and watch your man become the happiest man on Earth.
# 2: Don't put him on such a short leash.
Know that, just like you, your man needs a little space and time alone to think or just to unwind with friends. You know how much us women like to get together and talk and have time on our own, so why shouldn't he? Whatever he chooses to do with his free time you should acknowledge and accept it and be happy for him having interests outside of the home. It can make a very boring man if all he does is work.
Then again if his choices of activity tend to lean more on the possibility of seeing other woman, then you would have everyright to address the situation. But apart from that scenario and several other relationship related issues, you should not be checking up on him all the time. Trust along with honesty is the most important factor in the success of your marriage.
In addition, as you allow him the time to relax and have time to himself, you can also make use of the free time to catch up on your reading or just spend some time alone. You will soon find out that your husband's absence can really make you heart grow fonder.  
# 3: Avoid becoming like his Mum.
Being thoughtful and caring is a lot different form nagging. Men, in fact, hate it whenever they are nagged, it can make them feel like little boys and being told off by their Mum's. All the same, you also need to be aware of how you speak to him and the behaviour you tend to show him. For instance, if you notice that you tend to critizise or are sarcastic in your ways, then you better look to address this in yourself.Their are three things a man wants and that is to be acknowledged for everything he does, even the little things, to be adored and to be appreciated. If you can give your man these three great things you will definantly make him feel 10 feet tall. 
# 4: Listen.
Your man can never get enough of this. He will probably appreciate it if you start listening to things that he has to say regardless of how unimportant or insignificant they seem to you at times. He will certainly appreciate you more if he knows you are listening to him and care about all he has to say.If their is a particular topic which really does not interest you then share with him your feelings and let him know that most of the time you love to hear what he has to say but somethings are just not of interest to you, the same as their are things you do which he would probalby not find of interest. Just be open and honest with each other on this point. 
# 5: Buy him practical gifts.
Men are not usually into things like candles, decorative items, typically girly things. Men are much more practical and logical and usually want things that they can make use of or consume. Books, tools, and subscriptions/tickets are just a few of the examples of appropriate presents. Just cooking him his favourite meal can make him happy. It is not always about spending lots of money on expensive gifts, 
# 6: Just ask him straightforwardly.
In any intimate relationship, there is no better way to know how to make your man happy than to actually ask him. Hopefully, your husband would be honest enough to actually supply you with helpful answers. With this knowledge you will be better equipped to make your man happy and for him to start treating you like a princess. What you give out comes back ten fold as the saying goes.
These are just a few great tips for women for a good marriage and I am sure after talking to your husband you will come up with many more.

After The Affair is Mind Blowing Sex Possible?


Sex is one of the most wonderful, as well as pleasurable gifts that all of us were given. Some think of sex as just a means to having children, while some people think that sex is the union of the body and soul of couples who feel so much love (and lust) for each other.
This belief of sex is most common in couples who have been together with their partners for a long time. But what if the relationship encounters a cheating problem, is it still possible to achieve mind blowing sex after the affair? The answer is both yes and no.
Physical Sex
Physical sex is the act of connection between a man and woman. With physical sex, a man who has good endurance and superb technique can achieve mind blowing sex with his partner. But this kind of experience is only at the physical level which means it is incomplete.
To achieve mind blowing sex does not only mean achieving it physically but emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Mind blowing sex means transcending from the physical level to a higher deeper and emotional level.
Transcending the Physical
How does someone achieve mind blowing sex if it is not about the physical? It is true that sex is a physical act. But looking at it closely, sex is more than the male genitals and the female genitals. It is about considering  the emotional state as well as the mental and spiritual state of the person.
This is an example pointed out to those who have had multiple partners in the past. Try to compare your sexual experience with a person that you had feelings for and a person you did not have feelings for. Which were you more satisfied with? Who did you achieve mind blowing sex with? The usual answer of people to this question is the one you had feelings for.In this case you were not only connected physically, but also at an emotional and spiritual level.
This simple example just proves that mind blowing sex is not just about performance, endurance and technique. It is also about feelings.
Cheating Ordeal and Mind Blowing Sex
Given the foundation of the different types of sex, you may already have the answer to the question, "After the affair Is mind blowing sex possible?". The answer to this is a big NO. 
You should remember that being cheated on by the person you care most about is one of the worst things that could happen to you. A cheating partner can give you so much hurt and pain. It can wound you deeper than any weapon can ever do. After the affair aside from the pain and hurt, you will also feel so much anger for your partner. You will initally despise them and want to hurt them in anyway possible. This kind of situation can and will bring out the worst in you.
Even if both people after the affair agree to have sex, and even if both of them have the best sex techniques in the whole wide world, if one of them feels negative thoughts and feelings, they still would not be able to achieve mind blowing sex.
Yes they may feel pleasure but it will never be able to reach the level of "mind blowing." So couples experiencing infidelity would not be able to achieve mind blowing sex if things are not sorted out first especially your feelings for each other.
After the affair this can be remedied if only both parties are willing to communicate and work with each other through this painful time. If it is your fault then you should know how to apologize. If you are the victim, know how to forgive. If the two of you still want to fix your relationship then do so. But this does not only mean, "Will you forgive me?", "Yes I forgive you" scenario. When you ask for forgiveness, ask with all sincerity from the heart. And when you give your forgiveness, give it wholeheartedly. Once you get your feelings back for each other it is 100% sure that no matter how bad you both are at sex, for as long as you feel strongly for each other, that you will achieve mind blowing sex after the affair.

Friendship and Infidelity

Hello, How are you doing today?

A question I get asked often is can friendship be possible even after unfaithfulness? There are many things that you should think about during a break up due to infidelity and one of the things to think about if you and your ex can still be friends. If children are involved then it is certainly better for all concerned if friendship can remain. I have shared below my thoughts on this subject.  I am sure each of you will have your own opinions on this subject and you would have to go with what works best for you!

Unfaithfulness – Can We Still Be Friends After Infidelity?

Can friendship be possible even after unfaithfulness? There are many things that you should think about during a break up due to infidelity and one of the things to think about if you and your ex can still be friends. If children are involved then it is certainly better for all concerned if friendship can remain.

The reality is, yes you can still be friends with your ex. It only depends on you and your ex’s willingness to be friends. However, it is sometimes hard to develop friendship if both of you still live in the past and have not forgiven each other. Forgiveness is necessary to take the next step in friendship.

On the other hand, if you are asking if you can still be friends with your affair partner after infidelity then the answer may depend on the decision of your partner.

Depending on the damage done by the infidelity to your relationship, sometimes it is best not to remain in contact with your affair partner. Building friendship with your affair partner may cause doubt and suspicion from your real partner. You would not want this to occur since you are in the process of regaining his or her trust. Additionally, the relationship is healing and unnecessary actions outside the relationship could harm the recovery process.

Friendship after Heartbreak

Relationships can end in separation if the damage is too big to be dealt, especially after unfaithfulness and if either party is unwilling to work it out. All is gone when hope and desire is lost. Giving up on a relationship is hard especially if you have been so devoted to it. During a break up, it is natural to have a broken heart. Grieving can help you move on. This is the first stage in a break up. It is safe to cry every now and then but remember not to dwell on the past. There are other things that you could focus on and these include friendship.

During a separation between couples, it is possible for both parties to be friends again especially if they have been together for many years. This can be for the reason that they still share the same things, laugh at the same jokes, or enjoy the same activities. Even though the previous love is gone, there is another kind of love that has bloomed. Part of moving on is determining if you can manage to be friends with your ex.

If you have decided to be friends with him or her again, do not be afraid to communicate your feelings with them. If your ex responded, then it is necessary to tell him or her what your intentions are and how you would very much like to still be friends. This will make thinks easier if both of you belongs to the same circle of friends since they will help both of you in developing friendship. Always remember that you have been friends before you entered the relationship and it is also possible to retain or regain the friendship you had before.

Friendship with the Affair Partner

You have confessed your unfaithfulness with your partner but you still feel attached to the person you had the affair with. During the recovery stage of the relationship, you should share your feelings with the partner you cheated on and ask them how they would feel about you remaining friends with the person you had an affair with. The end result would depend on his or her decision.

If your partner is that understanding and allowed you to have a friendship with the person you were unfaithful with, you should not abuse this decision. You still want for your partner to trust you and it is your duty to answer his or her questions about your affair partner. You should also respect your partner’s decision of exclusivity if he or she prohibits you from building a friendly relationship with the other person.

Maintaining Friendship

After you have discussed your intentions to your ex, you should concentrate on building the friendship. It is unhealthy for you to use friendship as a way to redevelop the previous relationship you had especially after unfaithfulness.

This can lead to disappointment and frustrations. Do not forget that both of you have decided to be friends because you and your ex have moved on. There is no reason for you or your ex to get hurt again and experience the past. Many people would disagree on couples staying friends after a separation, and everyone is different and if both parties agree then you would have no reason not to be friends. When unfaithfulness has taken place it may take time for the friendship to be forged as the cheated partner has to go through the process of forgiving and trusting again.

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I hope you are all having a wonderful day and feeling peaceful and loving. You only have to take a look outside and see the sunshine and the blue of the sky and the trees starting to change their colours which is showing us the start of a new season. We have so much to be grateful for in this life.

Even when we are faced with challenges in our lives, if only we stepped back and looked at what we have and realise that there is always someone struggling more than ourselves. I have had a very busy couple of weeks promoting my book on tv, and various radio stations and have been getting great feedback, which I am truly blessed to receive. The reason I wrote my book was to be able to help others around the world to find true love within themselves which then leads to having great relationships!

Remember "Life is a journey and love is what makes that journey worthwhile"

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Have a great weekend and know that I am here for you at anytime.

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Can Trust Be 100% Restored After Infidelity?

Trust is such a hard thing to gain, and such an easy thing to lose….

Trust is the key ingrediant in any relationship.

Trust and unconditional love go hand in hand.

Trust as a word is simply defined as putting the self in the care of others without any hesitation, doubt, precaution, or any other similar ill thoughts.

Trust as a meaning to life and socialization may be defined as the ability to allow one’s pride and dignity, as well as the self preservation placed in the mercy of someone else. Trust as a concept in relationships goes beyond mere definition as any of the two mentioned above since the concept of love is blended into trust, and it become a whole new concept that just merely “trust”.

Trust here is directly proportional to the unconditional love you may give a person. It holds true to you being able to disregard any doubts and thoughts that your partner may be doing something wrong to jeopardize your relationship. Unconditional is it in a sense that you are able to not think of your own sake and just let yourself be mindless of any burden and accept your relationship as a clean and wonderful experience.

Conversely, when a relationship is destroyed because of infidelity, it would be hard to trust the one who hurt you. Be mindful though that the “trust” you may be thinking about would just be in the context of socialization. You may know it is so by asking yourself if you still have love for the person. Even the slightest “yes” that would come out of your mouth would mean that your trust for love hasn’t gone. It is a very big predicament in being stuck in the middle of trust as a person to another person, which obviously has been damaged, and trust as a loving being to another, which is still present at least.

Basing trust on a mistake many people fall prey to the notion of focusing the trust on the mistake which the partner has made. You may even use that mistake to constantly give yourself the false notion that all that is happening is brought about by that single act of infidelity. Basing your trust on a mistake your partner did does not merit you the right to actually make that deed of faithlessness as a basis to invalidate past and presently good times which you had. You always have to think what might have happened why this terrible event has taken place. Basing trust, which is linked to love to a mistake, does not make any sense at all. Where is the love in focusing on something bad?

Again, it was earlier mentioned that it would be the unconditional love that would hold true for trust to exist, devoid of any ill thoughts and feelings. If love here is being partnered with a mistake, then there isn’t trust to start off with. If you are going to start evaluating your trust on a person who made a mistake in being disloyal to you, better start with weighing the good things before being shadowed and biased by the hurt and sorrows you felt with a single moment in your relationship.

Trust is a choice the risk of being hurt again will always be there. Even how much you would try to manipulate things and have events go your way, you will never be assured of not getting hurt. Learn by heart that before you jumped into the complexity of being in a relationship, you were driven to love and be loved by the wonderful, and indescribable sensations that you put your heart in. You were able to see the world in a different manner because you felt wonderful. But going back to that specific moment before you accepted your partner as your own, you chose to just let things go by and think of enjoying what was there for the both of you. You haven’t mulled too much on the possibility of getting hurt by deceit.

You may always say that the second time will be different and less than a hundred percent because you have something to hold against your partner for you to be cautious. Despite the preservation instinct that you may be utilizing to rationalize and deny yourself of what you really feel for that person, bottom line is still with the choice that you will make, just like the first time you went into a relationship.

Now, can trust be fully restored after infidelity? The answer to that would be a resounding yes, unless you decide not to.

3 Ways to Eliminate the Hurt

Hi there,

Its been one week since my book ‘A Women’s Guide to Surviving Infidelity’ – was published! Yeahhhhh! And it is doing really well! It is at #14 on the Amazon list for books on Divorce.  So, do you have your copy yet? If not purchase one today by clicking here!

Ok, so today we are going to look at  the subject of ‘post’ infidelity and 3 easy ways to eliminate the hurtful thoughts of being cheated on. Being cheated on is the most painful experience a person can ever have. It can hurt you a alot very deeply. No medication, not even the strongest painkillers, can take away this kind of pain after infidelity.

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Helping You to Survive Infidelity

Hello and welcome to my blog. I have been finding that while writing these blogs that is has got me to see how far I have come on my journey of surviving infidelity!  As such this is my main reason for wanting to help YOU!

Let's start today's topic, how to handle the aftermath of an affair, by asking you a question. Do you know what you really want?

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Infidelity – The root causes

Hello and feeling happy as well as loving the feedback I have been received from people on my recently published book 'A Women's Guide to Forgiving Infidelity' and  the information I have been sharing with you! Do keep the comments flowing, as I love to hear from you.

So today we are going to talk about what are the causes of Infidelity i.e. reasons why people have affairs

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It’s finally here…


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Today marks the day of the official publication of my book ‘A Women’s Guide to Forgiving Infidelity’ and as I am sure you can imagine I am over the moon about it!

You can purchase a copy direct from Amazon so why not do that today and help me to get the No.1 spot in the Amazpn bestseller list! 

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