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Will Wealth Make Your Relationship Stronger?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Will wealth make a relationship richer? Well, if you have, then it's probably normal since a lot of relationships do end because of financial problems. In addition, this notion will also be more likely affirmed if you have personally gone through a difficult situation wherein money had recurrently become a big issue. But do worldly goods really improve a romantic relationship? That is, certainly, for you to find out.

Answer 1: A Resounding YES!
The answer to this question could be a "yes". Picture this scenario out: Your partner and you are having a rough time because of money. As much as you want to spend more time with each other, there is certainly no chance of making it a possibility. You hold two different jobs everyday, and so do they. You relentlessly try to make ends meet and your efforts are still not enough to make time for each other. You end up fighting more frequently than before and you have almost reached the point of walking out of the relationship.
When you intensely think about it, you will probably realize that money is the source of the dilemma. If only you weren't having a great deal of financial problems, then your romantic relationship would have lived up to its name. You and your loved one would perhaps be able to avoid unnecessary squabbles. Plus, you would have extra time for each other. More time would then translate to better chances of getting to know each other and making the intimate relationship richer. When viewed in this light, then wealth does have the power to make a love relationship richer.
Answer 2: A Definite NO!
On the other hand, the answer could also be a resounding "no". Most of the time, this is applicable for people who do not put money in the center of their intimate relationship. Well-adjusted and mature individuals do make it a point to separate financial matters from relationship issues. Perhaps, that is why fights and disagreements about money tend to be rare.
Aside from a mature outlook on relationships, some people also possess a firm standpoint about money. They have a propensity to think that, although it is necessary to have enough of it, your finances should never take precedence on your list. There are far more important things in life than wealth. Therefore, the people that matters the most should be given the highest priority.
A lot of couples, in fact, just earn enough to scratch out a living but they are still capable of maintaining a relationship that is rich in love and understanding. Needless to say, wealth should not be viewed as the only way to make your relationship richer.
Choosing The Most Appropriate Answer
In spite of the differences in opinion, your answer to the question of whether or not wealth can make your relationship richer still depends on the status of your current relationship. It would not be right to easily judge other couples about their choices and preferences since no two relationships are the same. Having said that, you should also feel free to pick out whichever side suits you and your partner the best without having to worry about what other people might think.
Keep in mind that other people's opinions or whatever comments they might have about your relationship can only do so much. What should matter most is how you really feel about your partner. Work on your differences an problems, instead. If your list involves financial crisis, then you better get to the bottom of it before it can cause irreversible damages to you and your other half.
In addition, the act of facing challenges and dealing with problems hand in hand is what matters the most. How you and your other half see things and the manner in which you cope with difficulties should essentially determine what would really improve your love relationship. And if gaining wealth and other worldly goods can make your relationship richer, then so be it. No one should have the power or authority to tell you what is right or wrong. Only you and your partner can decide on what is good or bad for your relationship.

After The Affair is Mind Blowing Sex Possible?


Sex is one of the most wonderful, as well as pleasurable gifts that all of us were given. Some think of sex as just a means to having children, while some people think that sex is the union of the body and soul of couples who feel so much love (and lust) for each other.
This belief of sex is most common in couples who have been together with their partners for a long time. But what if the relationship encounters a cheating problem, is it still possible to achieve mind blowing sex after the affair? The answer is both yes and no.
Physical Sex
Physical sex is the act of connection between a man and woman. With physical sex, a man who has good endurance and superb technique can achieve mind blowing sex with his partner. But this kind of experience is only at the physical level which means it is incomplete.
To achieve mind blowing sex does not only mean achieving it physically but emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Mind blowing sex means transcending from the physical level to a higher deeper and emotional level.
Transcending the Physical
How does someone achieve mind blowing sex if it is not about the physical? It is true that sex is a physical act. But looking at it closely, sex is more than the male genitals and the female genitals. It is about considering  the emotional state as well as the mental and spiritual state of the person.
This is an example pointed out to those who have had multiple partners in the past. Try to compare your sexual experience with a person that you had feelings for and a person you did not have feelings for. Which were you more satisfied with? Who did you achieve mind blowing sex with? The usual answer of people to this question is the one you had feelings for.In this case you were not only connected physically, but also at an emotional and spiritual level.
This simple example just proves that mind blowing sex is not just about performance, endurance and technique. It is also about feelings.
Cheating Ordeal and Mind Blowing Sex
Given the foundation of the different types of sex, you may already have the answer to the question, "After the affair Is mind blowing sex possible?". The answer to this is a big NO. 
You should remember that being cheated on by the person you care most about is one of the worst things that could happen to you. A cheating partner can give you so much hurt and pain. It can wound you deeper than any weapon can ever do. After the affair aside from the pain and hurt, you will also feel so much anger for your partner. You will initally despise them and want to hurt them in anyway possible. This kind of situation can and will bring out the worst in you.
Even if both people after the affair agree to have sex, and even if both of them have the best sex techniques in the whole wide world, if one of them feels negative thoughts and feelings, they still would not be able to achieve mind blowing sex.
Yes they may feel pleasure but it will never be able to reach the level of "mind blowing." So couples experiencing infidelity would not be able to achieve mind blowing sex if things are not sorted out first especially your feelings for each other.
After the affair this can be remedied if only both parties are willing to communicate and work with each other through this painful time. If it is your fault then you should know how to apologize. If you are the victim, know how to forgive. If the two of you still want to fix your relationship then do so. But this does not only mean, "Will you forgive me?", "Yes I forgive you" scenario. When you ask for forgiveness, ask with all sincerity from the heart. And when you give your forgiveness, give it wholeheartedly. Once you get your feelings back for each other it is 100% sure that no matter how bad you both are at sex, for as long as you feel strongly for each other, that you will achieve mind blowing sex after the affair.

Hi Everyone

I hope you are all having a wonderful day and feeling peaceful and loving. You only have to take a look outside and see the sunshine and the blue of the sky and the trees starting to change their colours which is showing us the start of a new season. We have so much to be grateful for in this life.

Even when we are faced with challenges in our lives, if only we stepped back and looked at what we have and realise that there is always someone struggling more than ourselves. I have had a very busy couple of weeks promoting my book on tv, and various radio stations and have been getting great feedback, which I am truly blessed to receive. The reason I wrote my book was to be able to help others around the world to find true love within themselves which then leads to having great relationships!

Remember "Life is a journey and love is what makes that journey worthwhile"

If you would like to check out my radio interview with BBC Radio Surrey and Sussex then here is the link for you.


Have a great weekend and know that I am here for you at anytime.

Love and happiness

Christina x

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