Christina mentors women on all areas of their lives, particularly around relationships. Mentoring around relationships is not just about couples. It is how we relate to all people in life, whether  they are partners, family, children or work colleagues or most importantly ourselves. Christina provides assistance and advice regarding life’s issues and relationships. What Christina has found that alot of challenges women have are linked in one way or another around a relationship.

Whether you want to improve your confidence, self esteem, improving your relationships, children leaving home, dealing with a mid life crisis, how to attract what you want in your life, her knowledge and experience is available to you.

Christina has helped women:

  • Strengthen their self esteem and confidence and to attract what they really want in their life.
  • To help them forgive and trust again after infidelity.
  • Let go of past painful events which have held them back.
  • Find their true identity.
  • To find fulfillment in their relationships
  • To laugh, sing, dance and have fun.

Christina has worked with many women experiencing tremendous frustration with their situations. Through her mentoring skills she challenges and helps them make the changes they'd wanted but never thought they could make. She provides the tools and strategies necessary to change, grow and create the life you want.


Christina offers you the convenience of receiving mentoring from the comfort and discretion of your own home. All you need is a telephone or Skype connection. She has found that this works perfectly and has enabled her to successfully help women all around the world. Modern day communications technology allows this to be done either free or at very low cost.

Christina will schedule an initial 45 minute ‘screening’ session with you, to get to know you a bit, evaluate your situation, give you some initial help and make recommendations on the areas in which she considers you will benefit most from further mentoring.

At the end of the initial screening session she will explain the various mentoring options and packages that she can offer you, and recommend the actions which will benefit you most.

Christina recommends that each session is scheduled a week apart, as at the end of each one you’ll receive videos, mp3s or exercises for you to watch, listen to or complete.

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