“A Step By Step Guide For Making Up, Making It Work and Making It Last”


Love Is A Rollercoaster by Christina Young is not just a guide to help you get back with your partner after a break up. The author argues that if you get back together without understanding what caused the break up in the first place and what both you and your partner need to do differently next time around it will only be a matter of time before you are back to where you are right now.
It is for that reason that this book has three main sections:

  • In the first section it helps you identify exactly what went wrong and what caused the break up.
  • In the second section it gives you a strategy for getting back together.
  • In the third section it gives you suggestions on ways to make your new relationship stronger. ‘New’ is a key word here because the author argues that you need to treat your relationship once you are back together as if you are starting all over again.

This book puts the onus on you both to work hard at understanding what went wrong and what caused the breakup, and to work hard at building a relationship that will last once you are back together. Naturally, if it is you who is pushing for the reconciliation at this stage it is you who will have to do the work initially.
The author helps you to do this by giving you a number of proven interactive exercises to follow. She stresses that this might mean you taking a deep look at yourself, being totally honest and in times going out of your comfort zone.
In this book the author gives you the bullets to fire and stresses it is only you who can fire them.

Raymond Aaron
NY Times Bestselling Author



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