In a relationship, it is not unusual for couples to have conflicts that result in heated arguments and there is nothing wrong with this. Arguments, if observed at a positive angle, can actually be healthy for the relationship. But, just like everything else, too much of something is not good and can easily lead to relationships breaking up.

If you find yourself in a relationship that constantly struggles with conflicts and misunderstandings, there could be something wrong with how you and your partner communicate with each other. There is a way how to prevent this from happening and that is to improve how you communicate with your partner.


It all starts with determination and desire to stop relationships breaking up. You need to have the will and want to make the improvement. This will be the driving force that will push you to strive and do better amidst the ups and downs along the process of relationship improvement.

Listen To Your Partner

There are times when it seems that you are listening to your partner but in reality you are not. This is a very big problem common among couples. How will you be able to communicate back with him when you do not even know what your partner is talking about because you are not listening? When your partner is talking, listen and listen intently. Do not interrupt him or her, and reflect on what your partner is saying. By doing this, you will be then be able to communicate with him in the right way with the right words.It is also a good idea that when you communicate that you both speak from the heart and not in a confrontational way as this so often can lead to a misunderstanding of what is actually being said, and over a period of time run the relationship down which can then cause relationships breaking up. It is not only about what words your partner is using it is also the tonality in how you say things to each other which will have a huge impact on the outcome of your arguments.

Be In Your Partner's Shoes

Most of the time, individuals tend to want to be heard and understood. They want their points of view to be heard and seen and understood by their partners. When you do this, you are not letting your partner speak out what he or she thinks and feels. And by this, you lose the chance of knowing the right words to say to your partner, since conversations are only focused on yourself. It would be best to try and be in your partner's shoes so you would be able to appreciate his or her point of view.

Taking The Fall

It is very difficult to admit that you have made a mistake. In a relationship, it is of utmost importance to be aware that you are fallible and are bound to make mistakes. When these things happen, know you are at fault and learn to admit it. During these situations, there is nothing more effective than the words I am sorry and this is what I have learnt. It may not do so much in the beginning but you will see its effect in the long run, especially when delivered sincerely.

There are actually no specific words that can be considered as the right words to say. The right words all depend on who your partner is and his or her character. You will be able to spot the right words to say to your partner much easier if you follow the guidelines above and can save relationships breaking up.

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